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Testimonials - Cremation Society of Mid-Michigan

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"Thank you for all of the advice preparing for my brothers out of town death. I would never have thought of all of the suggestions you gave me....no one else has ever given me all of the information that you did...you are an angel Mary!"


"Thank you for all that you did for me and my family. It was very reassuring to me that everything would run smoothly because of you."


​"Thank you for all of the help and for everything you did for me. Your love, concern, and kindness will be remembered. The candle with my husband's picture on it is a wonderful keepsake for me. You were all a great help. I appreciate having friends like you...you were a comfort."


"Dedication, dignity, compassion and trust are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the Cremation Society of Mid Michigan. There are not enough ways to express our sincerest thanks to Mark, Mary, Grace, and their staff. During a very difficult time, with a few unexpected turns, the Sayles family’s expert knowledge and honest guidance helped us navigate the road that came with our dads passing. Their dedication and support to our family went above and beyond meeting our needs...they surpassed all of our expectations during this extremely challenging journey. My father wanted a simple, dignified and economical cremation and from the very first pre-registration contact with the CSMM, to the heartfelt words said at his memorial service, dad’s wishes were met. The CSMM staff truly do reflect the professional standards of sincerity, quality and most of all the trust, that their mission emphasizes. Additional things that were valued was the kindness, respect and empathy that my sister and I experienced when meeting with the Sayles family. They made us feel important and took their time while explaining their optional services, never pressuring us from a sales standpoint. Mark was an amazing representative for the CSMM answering questions and giving us information to help us understand many things that were confusing during this sad time. His overall knowledge saved us many moments of stress and was very much appreciated. Mary was a wonderful administrative resource and Grace assisted us in obtaining a beautiful urn in our price range. Chris’ patience, answering all of my dad ‘s questions when he pre-registered, made the process go smoothly at the end. In this day and age, it is hard to find such a high degree of customer service anywhere! We highly recommend the CSMM and truly believe they will take the best possible care of your loved one when the time comes. We honestly and conscientiously give them a 5-Star rating, 10-out-of-10, Top of the List, and Best Reviews! Thank you for everything you’ve done for our family. Mark, Mary and Grace, your kindness, comfort and caring will always be remembered by the Joseph Lake family! God Bless!"


"Thanks so much considering the circumstances you did a wonderful job. From the start myself and my Husband were treated with dignity and respect. You made what was the worst day of my life a little easier. You did Everything. I encourage you to join if you’re considering cremation. It’s not expensive and you will be glad you did. Thanks again for all you did. It's not just cremation, it's someone to guide you and make it so much easier for you."


"I have never met anyone more concerned about our needs and emotional support. They were very professional and caring. They helped our family by their caring attitude to cope with the death of our loved one. I would like to say THANK YOU. You made all the arrangements and consulted about everything."